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Spicy Bites is a big idea in the shape of a small company, created to please your guests with exquisite services & menus, whenever & wherever you want ..

Simply by learning all that we can do for you, you will discover that the memorable events we create have our own special trademark! Having a really good time should be spontaneous & real ...
If truth be told, making sure your guests have the best time ever demands careful planning down to the last detail so that the whole event or party has your personal touch.

Spicy Bites Catering Santorini

This is the core principle Spicy Bites believes in : Meeting your highest expectations through an original, innovative and unforgettable experience in Santorini ... Tastefully transforming spaces so that they reflect your own stylish, eclectic, colourful hue ... Adapting our menus (which are clearly inspired by local specialties of the island) according to your own special preferences and needs ...

All of the above, plus the friendliest staff, the biggest smiles and personal care right down to the last detail - just as if you had prepared everything by yourselves to make your party a big hit!

Spicy Bites Catering Santorini
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Spicy Bites
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A 100 & 1 reasons why we have to be there ..
Spicy Bites Catering Santorini

Indoor & Outdoor Catering
The Spicy Bites Experience is as intense indoors as it is outdoors, by candlelight or during the day. All we ask is that you give us enough time to prepare down to the last detail your own unique tailor-made event.

Cocktails – Lounge Parties
Weddings, baptisms, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, opening parties - Whenever the occasion asks for a celebration or you need to throw a party, Spicy Bites caters for festive events.

Coffee Breaks
Conferences, presentations, business meetings .. Take a well prepared Spicy Bites break with hot coffee, freshly squeezed juices, tasty sandwiches and countless other delicacies to keep you going ...

Private Dinners
On your own balcony or terrace, on a fishing boat at the sunset or in a private place for a few special guests, our private dinners are hard to forget ...

A cruise on the fabulous Mediterranean blue around Santorini is a magical experience in itself… Fancy enjoying Spicy Bites delicacies on top of it ...

Special Menus
Allergic to certain kinds of food or prone to alimentary disorders? Spicy Bites has all sorts of diet, vegetarian and healthy menus to choose from.

Audio Visual Entertainment
No matter how spicy your wishes are, our team of experts will make them true.
Just tell us what you’ve got in mind ...

Equipment Rental
Our Spicy equipment is at your disposal so that you don’t encounter any difficulties with your bites ..

In the middle of nowhere ... How much spicier can it get?

What have you got in mind?
Spicy Bites Catering Santorini

Early Bookings Spicy Bites Catering hosts events from April until October. You can contact us all year round through the Booking Form OR give us a call on our Mobile Phone to reserve Your Spicy Bites Event.

All bookings & requests are received by the caterer. Use the form to make a Reservation or to ask for more Information. For best service, make sure that you fill in all form fields.

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