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Neighbouring Islands to Santorini : Sikinos Island

Sikinos Island
Sikinos island has a majestic wild beauty and truly hospitable locals. Uncluttered by main stream tourism.
Peaceful, unspoiled. Mountainous terrain. Deep clear seas, small bays, some beaches. Port of Alopronoia with small fishing boats moored in the bay to shelter from winds.
Chora : 3,5 kilometers from the port. Chora stands on the hill, with stone mansions and cobbled streets. There are two settlements, Castro which is the older, and Chorio which has been built more recently.
A couple of small taverns on the beach serving ouzo and fresh fish.
Endless blue seas and sunsets
Rented rooms
The sweet wine of Sikinos, thyme honey, olive oil, sour milk, cheese and string beans.

Sikinos Island Map

Sikinos Island

Sikinos Island

Trekking to discover small churches, in particular the church of Episkopi, local festivals with food and wine (August).
In ancient times Sikinos was called Oenoe due to extensive vine cultivation. Mythology tells of the female population of Limnos island rising up and slaughtering all the men on the island. King Thoantas’s daughter Ypsyli, in an attempt to save his life, put him in a large urn and through him into the sea. The urn was carried by the waves to the shores of Oenoe, and King Thoantas was saved by local fishermen. Thoantas then created a union with one of the Naiad women. They had a son named Sikinos, from whom the island took its name.
The Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi is in the Castro settlement. Surrounded by high walls, it is reminiscent of a castle and is built at the edge of the cliff.
Agios Georgios, Malta and Daliskari. There are also small coves approachable by boat
120 nautical miles from Piraeus
Sikinos lies between Ios and Folegandros
39 square kilometers in size
Permanent residents : 240 (2001 census)
Boats going from Piraeus. Sikinos also connects by boat to Folegandros, Anafi, Ios, Naxos, Paros, Syros, Santorini and the Western Cyclades.
Community of Sikinos : +30 22860 51238
Police : +30 22860 51222
Port Authority : +30 22860 51238
Community Clinic : +30 22860 51211
Post Office : +30 22860 51239


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