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All About the Local Buses - Tel : 25404

Travelling by bus within Santorini is not without its quirks. Although there are routes to most of the main areas, bus timetables & frequencies change regularly (according to the seasons). For this reason we won't post any timetables: just bear the following in mind:

(a) Winter season frequency : 1 - 1 3/4 hrs (b) Mid season frequency : every hour to most areas
(c) Summer season frequency : every half hour to most areas.

Fares range between 1,20 euro to 2 euro. The main bus depot is near the central square of Fira on the lower side road.

Things to Know When You Travel by Bus in Santorini

Sunset Time in Oia
Sunset time in Oia is one of the busiest journeys. More often than not there is only standing space left. Get to the depot early and be patient.
Travelling Across the Island
There are no direct buses that go from one side of the island to the other. Every bus starts from Fira and any changeovers for the next bus destination must be made there.
Express Bus Services
In the middle of the high season one can find express buses which go to Perissa & Perivolos. The up side is they skip out some of the villages and you arrive quicker. The down side is that express buses can be cancelled although advertised.
Late Hour Buses
During the Summer (high season) some bus routes operate as late as 3.00 a.m.
Buses to Athinios Port
Buses to Athinios Port are timed to leave Fira main bus depot and get you on time to your ship 1 -1 1/2 hrs prior departure. Routes and pick-up points vary according to how many buses are being deployed. The traditional route is via Karterados, Messaria, Vothonas & Pyrgos.


Santorini Taxis - Tel : 22555

The main taxi stand is just below Fira main square. Minimum charges start at 2 euro and then it depends where you go, if you share (the taxi driver considers each separate party as a second tariff), what time of the night it is, and of course there is an extra charge for luggage or having a taxi come to your hotel. A fare to the port ranges between 10-14 euro from Fira, a fare to Oia might cost between 12-15 euro during the day.

It is advisable to establish the fare before you get into the taxi.


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